The Grandfather of Sustainable Productions

I never had the opportunity to meet Ray Anderson, but I have had the pleasure of knowing and spending time with his amazing family. I’ve watched videos and read posts about Ray. Terms used by those who had the pleasure of crossing paths with him are:  humble, compassionate, a visionary, influential, a pioneer, and a fierce competitor. I am most certain he inspired and influenced all who came to see and listen to him speak. I am also certain he inspired and influenced companies, corporations, and small businesses to give back to the Earth, rather than take from it it’s most valuable resources. He encouraged others to continue on the path he carved in industrial sustainability. Ray carved the way for business leaders to incorporate sustainable product and consumption tactics. Ray had a vision, a desire and was able to make the impossible, possible. Interface, Inc. – the largest modular carpet manufacturer in the world – became more energy efficient, adopted renewable energy, eliminated waste, began transporting people and products more efficiently, and much, much more.

If you’ve walked through the airport, you’ve probably seen Interface, Inc.’s revolutionary invention. They have also designed modular carpet tiles for corporate offices, educational buildings, government facilities, healthcare facilities, hotels, libraries, retail stores, senior living facilities, and transportation entities such as airports and airplanes.

 What do you think about when you hear the term “environmental sustainability“? I think about Ray Anderson, the Atlanta Community Food Bank (the ACFB built a sustainable building on the West Side of Atlanta because of Ray), and McCall and Harriett Langford who are now continuing on Ray’s legacy. The Ray C. Anderson Founation was established recently and seeks to promote a sustainable environment by funding initiatives that advance sustainable production and consumption.

If you are interested in learning more about Ray, his family, and his legacy…McCall Langford is helping to organize a RayDay at Georgia State University on April 4 at 12 pm at the Rialto! There will be guest speakers and food! Stop in, have some fun, and engage someone!


~ by laurenjmsw on March 1, 2013.

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