Listen Closely


How do you listen? What are ways you keep up with what’s going on in the world? Whether it be about politics, art, music, news, the environment, or sports. Or what about outreach? Gaining an audience? Recruiting? If you need answers, listen closely…

Throughout my journey using social media and taking a social media course at Georgia State University I have come to learn how to use a website known as Netvibes. Netvibes is used to incorporate updates about various topics from the largest search engines and social media sites on the web. I have also learned the importance of remaining up-to-date on information, of which we social mediaites call listening. If you listen really well on the internet you can become more informed about the conversations taking place. Listening will further inform your conversation and soon enough the conversation will change – which should be the ultimate goal.

Using the web, social media, and blogging you have the opportunity to make an impact and give your own spin on top conversations being heard around the world. Always remember to keep your audience in mind because listening helps to maintain supporters by keeping them updated as well. Learn new things and correct the misconceptions. When you listen closely you are able to see things others don’t and you can obtain evidence that no one else has. Listening can have an impact on how you develop as a social media manager and increase your chances of becoming the expert.

Putting Two and Two Together

So how do you put it all together? My point is, Netvibes is a great tool that forces you to listen. I intern at a local non-profit organization known as Soccer in the Streets in North Atlanta. Our School of Life program uses soccer as a medium to teach kids life skills to make them employable, self-sufficient adults. The program guides youth to job opportunities, graduating high school, and going to college. While helping our School of Life Director create a new curriculum and overall plan of action, I directed him to Netvibes. While searching and listening, we discovered a non-profit in San Jose, California known as Strive for College. This organization has a 93% success rate of getting high school students to college – incorporate! How can we find out about how they have become so successful? Let’s listen! Strive for College has a blog. And a Facebook. AND they are always being tweeted at! We need to ask questions, post comments, and tweet back. We need to engage people who might have ideas about how Soccer in the Street can reach their goal. Let’s inform ourselves and change the conversation to include how we can increase players chances of obtaining an athletic scholarship. Let’s continue to listen and see what the rest of the world is doing. Why? Well, why not??


I have enjoyed my experiences as a weekly blogger. I have enjoyed finding my voice, telling stories about my life and the things I enjoy most. I was surprised of how powerful blogging can be. It’s such a powerful tool and has had many positive impacts on my life. Those who blog for a living have influenced the world. I came across Mark Schaefer while listening one day on the internet, who wrote a blog the top non-profit blogs around the world. Included on the list is Feeding AmericaAmerican Red CrossWorld VisionOperation Blessing, and the Salvation Army. If you are looking for ways to increase knowledge about blogging, take a look at these. Listen closely to those who believe in you and to those who disagree…increase your awareness…inspire, innovate, conquer.


~ by laurenjmsw on February 21, 2013.

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  1. Yeah, why not?

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